Balanitis is very much treatable and if the procedures advised by the doctor is correctly followed, it can be gotten rid off in a short period. There are several methods described below, but the readers are requested not to follow any of those methods without consulting a doctor first.

 Since there are different causes for Balanitis, the treatment too varies, so please consult a doctor. The author is not responsible for anything.

According to a book by the World Health Organisation, the glans of the penis and the prepuce should be washed thoroughly with water for three times every day. After that, the penis should be bathed in warm potassium permanganate solution. The solution should have a faint pink colour. After than dry carefully and apply 2 % miconazole nitrate cream.

If there is no improvement within one week, the patient should be referred to a specialist ashore. Patients with recurring balanitis or balanoposthitis should be tested for diabetes and other medical conditions.

Infectious Balanitis can be treated with antibiotic pills or creams while balanitis occurring with skin diseases can be treated with steroid creams. In severe cases, circumcision might be the only option.

Treatment, as said before, might involve application of creams on the infected region. Warm water soaks can help in relieving pain and discomfort.

The treatment depends on the cause of the inflammation and it is always important that the affected person meets a doctor right away.

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