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Hey everyone! I know there people visiting this blog are here after spending several hours (who am I kidding, we don't have patient to spend hours in anything), at least a few minutes in google, trying to find some information on Balanitis. 

You would have found several blogs and sites out there, but nothing would have sufficed you. Some sites have a lot of information on one particular thing and not clear on others. There are a lot of books available outside but not many have access to them.

My friend himself was in such a state when he had to write an essay on Balanitis. He spent so much time all over the net and in college library but was not able to find the sufficient information needed in a short period. It is then I realised that there might be many of you out there trying to get a quick access on the topic in a short span of time.

It is for you people, that I've taken my time to search the net, some books and also questioned a few people (doctors and medical professors) in the medical field to create this blog.

Some people might be affected by Balanitis and might be hesitant to talk about it to anyone. You lot could view this blog and learn from it as well. And it is better that you people visit the doctor as soon as possible than be worried or embarrassed talking with anyone about it.

The treatment methods described in this blog can be just used as reference and I request people affected by Balanitis, not to carry on anything on your own, without consulting a doctor first.

The contents of this blog, having been collected from various sources, the author of the blog does not claim any rights over it. Feel free to look around and learn as much as u can about Balanitis from the various pages towards the side.

The author does not have rights over the images in this blog and they have been collected from various sites on google.

Students and medical professionals who know more information on Balanitis, can put forward their views and own information in the comments section. If you want me to add, edit or change any content, please feel free to let me know through the comments section.

Happy learning everyone and Good Luck!!!

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