Since Balanitis occurs due to a variety of reasons, the cause for a particular's patient inflammation is first found out. 

Examination of the penis and its discharge is one of the most fundamental tests that are done. 


The patient's medical history is carefully analyzed to see if there can be two or more causes for the condition and also treat the patient with considerations given to the patient's medical condition. 

As said earlier, people with diabetes and obesity are more at risk, so examinations are also done to check their levels.

Skin biopsy is also done in certain cases. So people undergoing the Biopsy are not to worry that it may be done to check for Cancer, as people without much medical knowledge tend to associate biopsy with cancer and panic over it. It is quiet unnecessary as biopsy is done for a variety of diseases and infections and not just cancer, balanitis being one.

Tests are also done to see if there is presence of any virus, fungi and bacterial infections.

Based on the results from all these tests, treatments are carried out based on the cause of the inflammation

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